Paste Backfilling For Waterproofing

Paste Backfilling For Waterproofing
Appearance White
Application Temperature +5 C°/+35 C°
Tensile Strength  > 1,5 N/mm2
Compressive Resistance > 30 N/mm2
Pressurized Water Resistance 5 bar positive
Flexibility Good
Density 1,20 kg/lt
Temperature Strength - 30 C° +80 C°
Consumption 4-5 kg/m2
Shelf Life 12 months for unopened packages in dry conditions


Roof, terrace, inside and outside bases, basements, elevator shafts, tanks, basement garages and stores, cisterns, reservoirs, drainage systems, tunnels, in the protection of buildings that have entrance under the level of water from water and water tanks.


While penetrating into the concrete, it constitutes an elastic covering. It is prepared and applied easily. It is used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces effortlessly. It provides the surface to breath. It provides the surface a full adherence.


  • Kimflex waterproofing paster is poured into a clean container, 10 lt of water is added and the mixture is mixed with a medium speed mixer without leaving any particle.
  • At the first stage it is applied on the surface which is cleaned from dust , dirt etc. beforehand with the help of a roller as a thin layer.
  • At the second stage, it is applied as a 2-3 mm-thick layer with the help of a steel throwel approximately 3-4 hours later.