Plus Adhesive

Plus Adhesive
Appearance White
Application Temperature +5 C°/+35 C°
Mixture Ratio 7 L. Water
Pot Life  3 Hours
Splice Strength > 1,5 N/mm2
Temperature Strength - 30 C° +80 C°
Running Hours 5 Hours
Consumption 5 kg/m2
Shelf Life 12 months for unopened packages in dry conditions


  • It is used in both indoors and outdoors safely and easily.
  • Pasting on the surfaces that are exposed to the heat differences such as ceramic, granite, marble and glass mosaic.
  • In the process of pasting on surfaces of prefabricated panels in the heated pools and underflooring heating.
  • In the pools requiring water pressure endurance.
  • In the process of re-pasting ceramic without detaching the formerly floored ceramic.



  • It saves on both time and labour by means of long working hours.
  • It is easy to mix and apply.
  • It does not affected by moisture.



  • It is a prepared powder mixture including high adhesion endurance used in the process of pasting ceramic, granite, marble, capstones and tiles.