Grouting (FUGA) 1-8 mm

Grouting (FUGA) 1-8 mm
Appearance White
Application Temperature +5 C°/+35 C°
Mixture Ratio 5,5 - 6 L. Water
Bending Resistance 4 N/mm2
Temperature Strength - 30 C° +80 C°
Flexibility Good
Water Absorption 30 minutes. 1,7 gr
Running Hours 2 Hours
Shelf Life 10 months for unopened packages in dry conditions



  • Clean the remnants and moisten the joint gaps that would prohibit clinging.
  • Thermolock joint filling is a 20 kg dusted grout bag and should be mixed with 5,6-6 lt of water without leaving any particle.  (Low speed mixer can be used for mixing).
  • Rest the grout for 10 minutes in order to maturate, mix again before the application.
  • Fill the joint gaps with the grout transeversely and take out the excess parts by using a rubber trowel.
  • 20-30 minutes later clean the surface with the help of a moist sponge.
  • After the surface is dried, clean it with a dry fabric and polish.
  • Use and finish the grout within 1 hour after the preparation.
  • Throw the expired grout away.  Pay attention to the water amount used in the dusted mixture, avoid applying it as syrup.  Using as a syrup would cause crackings, collapsing, eroding easily, chalking and discoloration.
  • The surface can be used 24-48 hours after the application of grout.