About Us

About Us
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ThermoLock Group

ThermLock Group is a leading company in thermal insulation market. As an institutional company, ThermLock serves customers with its products produced professionally.
Innovation is not new thanks to ThermoLock
ThermoLock Group, a leading company in painting, plaster and special products, is a professional company and we believe that the development is important not only for ourselves but also for our customers. We have been always trying to adapt ourselves to innovations to provide better services.


Pioneer to Green Wave

Sustainability is one of the fundamental principles of ThermoLock. ThermoLock has provided both universal, sustainable and innovative services for its customers. It is one of the leading companies in the insulation and paint industry by producing eco-friendly and recyclable products.

Pioneer for Thermal Insulation
Besides innovations and sustainability, stability in success and quality are the other important points that ThermoLock has focused on. Long-serving company can monitor global trends and project these onto products and customer-oriented demands while holding its own expertise.



Total quality process is the reason of refreshment and enlargement of ThermoLock’s activities. All company employees should control business follow-ups, procedures, and developers not only for teamwork but also individual activities. Customer is the principal focal point. Needs assessment, good manufacturing practices and permanence are the other focal points concerning customer demands.



We have a wide range of products for both thermal insulation and other insulation materials and painting. Essentially, ThermoLock is a company that produces thermal insulation materials by using natural materials, but it continues its practices from the beginning of the production the the end.


Environmental Policies

As ThermoLock, we strongly believe that the first and foremost requirement to be a successful business is environmental sustainability. What ThermoLock is performing for the benefit of its customers, suppliers, employees and neighbours to ensure company’s success and permanent presence. ThermoLock performs in a way to help ensure the quality of life; of the economy, and of the environment and society. When considered from these aspects, the company believes that ThermoLock's sustainability and the sustainability of the world are mutually complementary components.