Insulated Self Levelling

Insulated Self Levelling
Thermolock standard screed is an A1 class noninflammable grey-colored screed product providing isolation of horizontal surfaces over sound, heat and cold indoors. It is applied directly on the concrete table. Codes of practice are the same as Thermolock terrace and it does not include waterproofing. In normal weather conditions (+4, +30), other coating procedures such as flooring tile, glazed tile, granite can be applied in accordance with the usage necessities after the 48 hours of waiting process.
Packing Type 25 kg. Kraft Pouch
Appearance Gray Granular Powder
Dry Density 500 ± %10 (kg/m3)
Thermal Conductivity  0.064 (W/mk) T1
Acoustic Insulation  25 Db
Compressive Strength  1.80 (N/mm2) CSII
Bond Strength  0,340 (N/mm2)
Water Absorption 0,344 (kg/m2 min 0,5) W1
Fire Endurance (1000C°)A1
Shelf Life 16 Months
Heat Range +5C° +35C°
Application Method Machine or Steel Trowel
Consumption 1 cm/m2 appr 6,5-7 kg.


Thermolock screed should be used in its totality as 1 bag

The product must be mixed with a mixer or a concrete mixer (minimum 8 mins).

It should be applied by leaving 0.5 cm-long and 1 cm-deep joints in every 25 m2 if it is applied on a surface wider than 25 m2.  The joints should be filled with Thermolock screed 48 hours later.

 The surface should be cleaned down to the concrete table.  Old or new coating applied beforehand should be completely taken.  If there are mold, moss or dirt; they should be completely cleaned from the surface.

 Thermolock KF-T 200 should not be mixed with more water than the stated amount

Place of Use:

Our product, which is designed to be applied in order to constitute a proper surface before applying ceramic, laminated flooring or pvc coating, provides an insured application on the surfaces in respect of compressive strength and heat insulation.  The application of screed increases the insulation strength of floor covering products that would be applied later on.


A bag of Thermolock Insulated Self Levelling is poured into a clean container. Approximately 15 lt of water is added and mixed for 6-7 minutes with a low speed mixer. Approximately 15  lt of water is added and mixed with a low speed mixer for 6-7 minutes.

How to apply

A 25 kg bag of Thermolock screed which is offered as dusted to the consumer is poured into a clean container by adding 15 lt of water.  It is mixed for 8-10 minutes with a low speed mixer.  The screed grout is jigged after being filled on the table which is taken to the scales (leakage inclined) beforehand.  The jigged surface is levelled with the help of a steel screed trowel.  Vertical surfaces such as parapets and chimneys are bevelled and approximately 15 cm of Thermolock is applied on the parapets vertically.