What are the more efficient heating methods in your home?

What are the more efficient heating methods in your home?

In winter, energy consumption increases. You can save up to 30 percent of your invoices with simple measures.

According to the research, uninsulated buildings; windows, exterior walls, stairs, house walls, ceilings, flooring on unheated spaces, flooring flooring and flooring on open walkways lose heat and cause high bills.
If you are going to buy or rent a new house, first pay attention to the thermal insulation of the building. Thermal insulation, which constitutes only 3 percent of the total construction cost of the building, saves at least 50 percent of annual fuel consumption and makes a significant contribution to the budget. With the thermal insulation, the life of your building is extended and your money stays in your pocket.  
- It is possible to save 6 percent energy by reducing the room temperature by 1 degree. The ideal temperature of 22 degrees for living rooms and 20 degrees for bedrooms.  
-Make care of your boiler and chimneys must be made to the specialist on time.  
- If your roof and building insulation is insufficient, renovate it appropriately.  
 -Install your systems with a thermostat or devices with a thermostat. care.  
- When making your doors and windows, choose insulated materials or close the gaps with insulating tapes.  
- Don't forget to turn off your thermostat if you are away from home for more than a day.   Cover your curtains at night to keep the temperature inside.  
- Do not block radiators with furniture or similar items or curtains.

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