What is thermal insulation?

What is thermal insulation?

Thermal insulation systems that provide excellent heat insulation in all kinds of weather and offer permanent solution.

What is thermal insulation?


Thermal insulation is an application to be used for of preventing hot or cold air in houses through thermal bridges. Continuously increasing energy bills increase the budget allocated for heating. Nowadays, thermal insulation is a must for every house because 1/3 of total energy has been consumed for buildings. In addition to energy saving, thermal insulation is an application that should be implemented to extend the life of the houses, increase the value, provide the desired comfort conditions, live a healthy life, reduce the environmental pollution and create a healthy environment.


 Energy Identity Document

 The walls, windows, doors, roofs and other flooring elements, which are also known as building envelopes, must be protected from external factors. Heat abduction and, consequently, energy costs increase if the heat-abducted surfaces in the buildings are not insulated correctly. Generally contractors and users ignore the loss of heat only gives importance to the external characteristics of the houses. Due to the selection of unsuitable building materials during the construction phase of the houses and the very simple applications that are not carried out, they damage the owners' budget, the environment and country economy during the life of the buildings. According to the Regulation on Thermal Insulation in Buildings, which has come into force in 2000 to prevent these negativities, new houses must be projected due regard being had to apply thermal insulation old buildings have to obtain Energy Identity Certificate until 2017. The most important step of having an energy identity document is the thermal insulation application of the houses.


 Why should we make thermal insulation?


 Do a favour for your houses through thermal insulation application...


 Thermal insulation systems that provide excellent heat insulation in all kinds of weather and offer permanent solution.


When the thermal insulation process can be carried out well, you can save energy up to 40 - 60%. Thanks to the energy savings achieved while you enjoy the comfort, the cost of thermal insulation application will be covered within 3 winter sessions.


Do not live in a dampish house but live peace and quiet. Thanks to thermal insulation applications, you can enjoy healthy and comfortable houses by keeping your houses away from mild and moisture.


You can save money while preventing your houses against negative effects of external components through thermal insulation application.


Thermal insulation applications are a system to help maintain proper ecological balance as well as Turkey and the European Standards. By reducing the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas, you can also make your environment as beautiful as your payments. Thanks to external thermal insulation systems, you can help reducing the impacts of harmful emissions and making the world healthier for future.

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