About Us

About Us

KIMFOR IZOLASYON carrying on a business since 2009 in Bursa, capital of the industry. And also is the leading company in the development, production and introduction of new generation ecological insulation systems to the international market.
“Ecological composite insulation products with natural components” developed under the brand of THERMOLOCK, provides added value to the economy by producing local raw materials.
Our products are exported to different countries of the World and we aiming our natural minerals find a place in the international market as a finished product instead of raw material and semi-finished export model.
The natural structure and superior formulation properties of aggregates such as perlite, pumice and expanded clay the basis of the familiar quality of THERMOLOCK System insulation products.
Thermolock ecological insulation systems provides superior comfort by isolating our living spaces against heat, sound, water, radiation and fire. We care and contribute to the environmental health and maintance of the ecological system with our green product certificated (LEED)  products, unlike most of the products that provide isolation all over the world.
“Security first” for the KIMFOR products with its non-flamability feature in A1 class. Also, KIMFOR, with its components that do not contain any carcinogenic substances, serves the consumer without compromising these principles by keeping "human health" in the foreground.
Since its establishment, customer satisfaction and reference has been achieved with local and international applications exceeding 3 million square meters in USA, China, Russia and Europe to Africa and the Balkans. Our products, having all the national and international quality standards certificates, are rapidly approaching the point they deserve in the world market as in our country.


Thermolock aims to meet all your needs with its wide range of products.
We are at your services to meet your thermal insulation, isolation, and painting product needs.



    Thermolock is our brand that produces thermal insulation materials manufactured from natural materials.



    Kimfor is our brand that services to meet the needs of heat, insulation and isolation materials.



    Livecolor is our brand that services to meet the needs in the industry of painting materials.


Keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in our products and services.
Be able to represent Turkey in the best way at national and international field of the industry.
Produce our products within the framework of environmentalist policies with leaving zero footprints.

Introduce insulation and energy saving awareness in the national and international area.
Move away from environmentally harmful applications by enhancing the awareness of insulation and enabling everyone to take maximum advantage of this comfort


Make environment-friendly production with high-level technological production processes in the insulation industry.

Increase our product range to achieve the highest performance with the least effort.
Keep the continuously development of human resources and personnel trainings continuously.

Demonstrate practices and exemplary attitudes to lead environmental awareness.
Be the leading company that offers quality and environment-friendly products to the market.
Continue as a leading company in the industry.

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