It is an acrylic copolymer emulsion-based matt housepaint that is developed with pigmentation and filling system.


Akribille with its high covering power, has UV resistance thanks to the pigments used in its structure. It is free, saves on time and labor.


It adheres very well to the surfaces with its superior adhesion strength. It is resistant to atmospheric conditions, pollution and sunlight. Thanks to its breathability feature, it allows the moisture to form on the surface.


It can be applied to the surfaces such as mosaic, concrete, precast concrete panel, MDF, OSB, old-painted etc



It should be checked that the application surface is strong, dry, clean and self-supporting. If surface refinements and reparations are required, Thermolock Exterior Plaster Filler must be used in accordance with the information written on product label. Before application, Akrilive Primer should be used. After the primer is dry, the product is applied to the facade with a brush, roller or single coat spray. During the application you should control whether the surface temperature is between + 5 ° C and + 30 ° C.


 It is recommended to wait for 4 weeks for the application on newly plastered surfaces. The setting times of cement-based products must be observed. During the application and drying periods, the surface should be protected against  rainfall and frost. Application should not be made under direct sunlight. After the working, equipments need to wash with water. Painting should not be  applied directly on lime and loose layers. Between the primer and each painting application, appr.  6-8 hours should be waited. Application should be carried on shade areas and it is not recommended to work between 11-16 hours if the weather is more than 30 Celsius.


NOTE: On surfaces where there is salt vomiting or risk of salt vomiting, the problem should be solved before application of paint primer.



It can be diluted 5% in clean water at most.

Attention should be paid to the dilution of the products at the same ratio in the exterior wall paintings and in the large-scale works.


During Airless Injection (Akrilive)

Pressure  140 bar
Angle of the nozzle  50° C
Measure of the nozzle  0.019” - 0.021”
Diluted % 5

Through-dry time ( 20°C, %65 HR)

1st Desiccation 1 Hour

2nd application 12 Hours

Last Desiccation 24 Hours



Depending on the type, absorbency and structure of the application surface, 7-11 m² area can be primed by using 1 Liter. A controlled case study should be done for an accurate consumption.



In its unopened package, it can be stored for 3 years when it can be kept in a cool and dry place, and protected from frost, direct sunlight. Close the package so as not to that it does not allow it aerify.



15 L - 10L - 3,5L



XI Irritant



R43 : It can make the skin feel itchy and irritated.

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